1st Italian prizes for sustainability in public procurement awarded

Italy’s Prison department, Sardinia regional Government and Cisco have been awarded the first Prize on “Sustainable Projects and Green Public Procurement” (GPP) by Consip and the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF).

The award prizes initiatives, both public and private, in the field of environmental sustainability.

The Awarding Committee – which included representatives from MEF, Consip, Ministry of the Environment, Ministry for Economic Development and Confindustria (entrepreneurs association) awarded two public administrations (ex aequo), the Sardinia Region and the Prisons Department of the Ministry of Justice, for the public administration category, and Cisco Systems Italy, for the enterprises category.

The prize – which consists of a real live tree to be planted in the winners’ premises or to be donated to a public park – was awarded according to the following criteria:

* to the Prisons Department, for an innovative sustainable project on renewable energy involving detainees who have been specifically trained to be able to install and maintain solar and photovoltaic systems.

* to the Sardinia regional government, for its efforts to promote and disseminate GPP best practices among the local authorities in the Mediterranean island, using Italian expertise on the subject and European funds.

* to Cisco Systems Italy, for its adoption of a comprehensive environmental strategy supervised by an ad hoc Eco-Board aimed at promoting sustainable policies and energy efficiency products and services.

The Award Committee, given the high quality of other participating projects, has also awarded seven honourable mentions to other administrations and enterprises.

During the awarding ceremony, Consip presented its studies on the estimated public savings achievable through the use of environmentally sustainable IT hardware and office appliances and on the estimated savings on C02 emissions.

Consip is a company owned by the Italian Ministry of Finance. Consip’s mission is to support the development and management of innovative ICT projects for the Ministry of Economy and Finance in accordance with the eGovernment guidelines and to support Italian Public Administration by providing innovative tools and simplified processes in the procurement area.


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