Russia, Mongolia to cooperate on nuclear energy

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin will make a stopover in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, during his flight back from Japan, and meet with his Mongolian counterpart, Sanjaa Bayar. The meeting has been organized to sign a number of agreements between the two countries in the fields of uranium mining and nuclear power plants building and management.

Recently, during a one day visit to Ulaanbaatar, Sergei Kirienko, head of the Russian Nuclear Agency, said Russia was prepared to share its nuclear technology by building either high capacity or low capacity nuclear power plants in Mongolia.

“Russia is prepared to help Mongolia to construct a nuclear power plant of any capacity,” noted Kirienko.

On his side, Mongolian President Nambaryn Enkhbayar noted taht the issue of developing energy technology “was included in Mongolia’s National Development Plan until 2021. One of modern Ulaanbaatar’s most serious and ongoing problems has been the massive air pollution caused by its coal burning plants. This requires us to find a new source of energy, and that’s why we are prepared to work with Russia.”

Back in the month of March, the Department of Atomic Energy of Mongolia and Rosatom state corporation of the Russian Federation have signed an agreement for intensification of cooperation in the field of peaceful use of nuclear energy.

The document was signed March 17 in Moscow by a Head of the Department of Atomic Energy of Mongolia S. Enkhbat and by a Deputy Director-General of “Rosatom” Nikolay Spassky.

The agreement was signed as a result of the negotiations held under the chairmanship of Prime Minister of Russia Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister of Mongolia S .Bayar.

Rosatom’s Director-General Sergey Kiriyenko was saying earlier that the agreement would allow the parties to set up a joint venture for developing uranium deposits in Mongolia and Russia


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