“Jews falsified history”

U.S President Barack Obama, while paying his tribute to all victims of Nazism in the concentration camp in Buechenwald, said the world will never forget the horrors and violence of those years, denied any value to negationism and invited Iran’s President Ahmadinedjad to come see the vestiges and remains of the lagers with his very eyes.

To be true, Ahmadinedjad is not the only one, in the Muslim world, who should really go on a tur of Buechenwald, Auschwitz, Bergen Belsen, Dachau, Mauthausen and all other Nazi camps. PFLP-GC representative in Lebanon, Anwar Raja, explicitly and forcefully denied holocaust in an inteview aired on Al-Alam tv May 15, where he accused the Jews of falsifying history.

“Let’s be realistic – the Jews have managed to falsify history, using the shameless mentality that views history according to one’s interests. The Jews have managed to exert pressure on the world, so that history would be rewritten as they desire. They extorted the pope during his recent visit to Palestine, so he would mention the figure of six million Palestinians… Jews in the Holocaust,” he said.

The accounts and reports about the death camps? “I do not know who stood at the gates of the crematoria and counted. I don’t know who came up with this figure. All the facts point to inflation, falsification, and exaggeration.”

Raja does not only rejects all historical reports and findings, he goes all the way to cry about the victory of Democracy in WWII: “If Hitler had won, we would be reading a different version of history, sir. Our history was written by the victors of World War II, and they found they had a common interest with the Jews – the consolidation of the Zionist entity in Palestine.”

Obama’s opening to the Muslim world? The new U.S. Administration call to Arabs and Muslims everywhere to put an end to the clash of civilization and find a common way to live together in peace? “We say: the Right of Return is sacred. It must be fulfilled, and the Zionist entity must be wiped out. Palestine will be restored to its people – from the [Mediterranean] Sea to the [Jordan] River. If Europe – especially Britain and America – wants to avoid repercussions and consequences, it should rectify the historical mistake it made with regard to an entire people.”

Truth is, there is little hope for President Obama’s call on Arabs and Muslims to give up violence and hatred and come together in peace, at least as long as so many political and cultural intsitutions in the Arab world do continue talking like Anwar Raja.


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