Sweden to honor Selma Lagerlöf, first woman Nobel Prize for Literature

One hundred years ago, Selma Lagerlöf was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. The first woman to receive it.

The 100-year anniversary come at the same time of the 6-month EU Presidency by her country, Sweden. Celebrations will be held all over the 2009 second half, to duly remember the accomplishment by the Swedish author.

To remember the author, a prize bearing her nome – The Selma Lagerlöf Prize for Literature – has been organized over the past twentyfive years. This 26th edition comes at a special time. This year the prize will be awarded during the Sunne Culture Week. The award ceremony will be accompanied by eight days packed with events celebrating Selma Lagerlöf’s work and reflecting the rich culture of the Fryksdal region.

It will be another woman, EU Commissioner Margot Wallström, to open the Sunne Culture Week, calendarized from 9 to 16 August.

The Selma Lagerlöf Prize for Literature, with a value of SEK 100 000, will be awarded for the 26th time on 15 August.

In honour of the jubilee year, a number of Nobel Prize-themed events are being held during the week in connection with the award ceremony, one of the highlights being a lecture by Lisbeth Larsson, Professor of Comparative Literature in Göteborg.



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