Over-reliance on technology leads to more disasters

Technology is beautiful, and it might as well spare us a good share of heavy and low added value work, therefore increasing the quality of our everyday life. Too much reliance on technology, and the potential benefits it involves for us, might turn out on the negative side, though. Expecially when safety and security from disasters – be them natural or man-made (terrorism) – are concerned. That is what a recent research, compiled for the Cabinet Office by researchers from two centers within Leeds University Business School (COSLAC and CSTSD), has come to claim.

The Understand Crowd Behaviours reports are the first to bring together sociological and psychological research on events and crowd behavior. The report compilers reviewed over 550 academic papers and  on-depth interviews with 27 academics from different fields of activity (police, emergency planners, event managers).

Findings are such as to let researchers say that “believing new technology can be the answer to all problems means we are more likely to overlook basic lessons from recent past”.


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