Working hard for Copenhagen

With the Copenhagen conference on climate change only 100 days away, politicians, experts and business managers are meeting more and more frequently to work out an agreement all parties involved can sign and – most important – implement.

On Wednesday, 9 September, Brussels will host the conference ’Climate and jobs – the EU’s global agenda’.

The European Union Presidency will be represented at its highest levels byFredrik Reinfeldt, Prime Minister. The Swedish Presidency is also the organizer of the conference, another sgn of the attention the Swedes, in the best tradition of Scandinavian countries, pay to environmental issues.

Among participants to the event, representatives of industry and the trade union movement and, of course, members of the EU political establishment. Participants include the President of the European Parliament Jerzy Buzek, Signhild Arnegård-Hansen of Business Europe and Vanja Lundby-Wedin of the ETUC.

Fredrik Reinfeldt will speak on the Swedish Presidency’s priorities, including the road to an international climate change agreement in Copenhagen in December 2009.


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