Energy security in Europe

How to ensure the energy supply system works and how to handle eventual energy crises. The European Union ministers tackled this issue at the last General Council. They also talked about how to create a more efficient energy market and how to reduce the need to use energy generated outside Europe.

“Energy security has always been an important issue for the EU, for example, the Coal and Steel Community and EURATOM existed in the 1950s”, said Minister for EU Affairs Cecilia Malmström, chair of the meeting.

“There is no contradiction between energy security and energy efficiency. Quite the opposite! If Ukraine used energy as efficiently as the Czech Republic or Slovenia, the country would no longer have to import energy.”

Mrs. Malmström presented, also, a draft agenda for the meeting of the European Council on 29-30 October. At the European Council meeting, the focus will be on institutional issues and the financing of action to combat climate change. The main institutional issues are how to bring the Lisbon Treaty into force if the referendum in Ireland on 2 October results in a ‘yes’ vote and once the remaining countries have ratified the Treaty. Other important issues on the agenda at the European Council will be the economic situation, energy security, the Baltic Sea Strategy, migration issues and foreign affairs.


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