Splitting London into Green Zones

London goes greener. The UK capital has designated the first 10 “low-carbon” zones. They will be the target of low-carbon projects that include the installation of rooftop solar panels, and electric car recharging stations. Financing is expected to be in the neighborhood of £200,000.  The low-carbon zones are expected to reduce carbon emissions by 20.12 percent by 2012 and by more than 23 percent over the next three years.

Different low-carbon technologies and initiatives to reduce carbon emissions will be activated in each zone. Queens Park and Barking, for example, will install electric car recharging points, while Muswell Hill will work with a local retailer to install a large-scale solar array on roofs. Archway, Wandle Valley and Peckham will all focus on improving low-carbon living and providing energy efficiency advice to residents.

The zones will cover over 13,000 residential properties, approximately 1,000 shops and businesses, 20 schools as well as a hospital, places of worship and community centers.

The low-carbon zone funding is provided by the London Development Agency and is the latest in a series of low-carbon initiatives unveiled by the Mayor’s Office. Other proposals include switching to energy-efficient traffic lights, and plans for a city-wide bike hire scheme. Johnson pledges to cut carbon emissions in the capital by 60 percent by 2025.

The UK recently launched a new campaign to cut the country’s carbon emissions by 10 percent. Organizers of the 10:10 campaign are asking everyone to cut carbon emissions by making a few lifestyle changes in order to save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


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