Bioenergy technology will help Samsung waste management industry

Samsung Heavy Industries will utilize Bedminster BioEnergy Technology in its new initiative to become the leading force in the vast waste management sector, initially in Korea and South East Asia, thanks to an agreement signed which grants Samsung Heavy Industries a Technology License and Engineering Service Agreement.

Mr. Chunhak Kim, Executive Director, Mr. Jehak Kim, Executive General Manager and Mr. Younggu Cho, General Manager from Samsung Heavy Industries joined Bedminster International Chairman, Mr Bill McCabe and Chief Executive Officer, Mr Pearse O’Kane, for the official signing ceremony at the Headquarters of Enterprise Ireland in Dublin.

Formed in 1974, Samsung Heavy Industries, a wholly owned subsidiary of the world renowned Samsung Group, has built up annual revenues of $10billion as a world-class player in the shipbuilding, offshore plant, Engineering & Construction, and digital system industries. Early in 2008 the Company decided to enter the Korean waste management sector and elected Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT) as its preferred technology.

Bedminster International is the Irish entrepreneurial company leading the green movement in the conversion of municipal waste to compost and/or fuel for green renewable energy. For many years the patented Bedminster Digester/MBT Technology has been successfully deployed in the separation and conversion of waste worldwide, with 12 operations already in North America, Australia and Japan, along with new facilities under construction in Cheshire England and the Caribbean.

Mr C Kim said, “We invited Bedminster to participate in our global search for a reliable MBT technology partner and we were extremely impressed with Bedminster’s cooperation and patience in providing us with vital backup support. Our technical team found the Bedminster MBT Technology to be robust, economic and safe, with several reference facilities to prove it worked”. “During our market research it quickly became apparent that waste management is now a huge global issue and Samsung Heavy Industries is well equipped to delivery a safe sustainable solution in Korea and overseas”, he added

Mr O’Kane said “This Agreement represents the beginning of an exceptional opportunity for both Companies in deploying proven biological treatment within the vast waste sector. “The decision of Samsung Heavy Industries to select our BioEnergy Technology is particularly good news for Bedminster. It will ensure significant company growth over the coming years”. “Our combined engineering resource will now focus on building the first Samsung showcase in Korea, whilst our sales teams will work together to develop new markets, including the Middle East and South America” said Mr O’Kane. “We will also collaborate on maintaining the Intellectual Property” he added.

Congratulating Bedminster on its announcement, Mr Ryan said, “This is indeed a remarkable achievement for an entrepreneurial Irish Company to establish a partnership with Samsung Heavy Industries, a world leader in many markets”.

The Ambassador for the Republic of Korea added his best wishes to the partnership commenting “The promotion of a ‘Green Growth, Low Carbon’ policy is currently the Korean government’s leading priority and partnerships such as this certainly represent a significant step forward in the direction of a greener, more sustainable future”.


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