EU calls for high-level agreement in Copenhagen

The European Union(EU) confirms and restates its commitment to reaching an ambitious, comprehensive and legally binding global climate change treaty for the period after 2012. The EU ‘Troika’ – Sweden, the European Commission and Spain – welcomes the progress made at the Barcelona climate talks ending today, which provides an improved basis for reaching a strong global deal at the 7-18 December UN climate conference in Copenhagen.

Anders Turesson, chief negotiator for Sweden, current EU President, said that “the European Union’s goal is a fair, comprehensive, legally binding and global climate treaty that covers all countries and is ambitious enough to keep global warming below the danger threshold of 2°C above the pre-industrial temperature.”

“It is vital to achieve a strong agreement in Copenhagen that covers all the key elements of the Bali Action Plan. The nations of the world need to take an important step towards a low carbon future. Copenhagen is crucial. ”

Artur Runge-Metzger, chief negotiator for the European Commission, added that “the pace of the negotiations has really accelerated here in Barcelona. Good progress has been made on streamlining the text, but there is still a long way to go to arrive at a fully fledged treaty and we have to recognise that our original hopes for Copenhagen may not be met.

“The minimum outcome in Copenhagen must be a framework agreement on the essential building blocks of the new treaty and a deadline for completing it. The agreement must include ambitious emission reduction commitments by developed countries including the United States, adequate action to curb emissions growth by developing countries and a financial deal to assist developing countries both in mitigating their emissions and adapting to climate change. The EU is ready to do everything to complete this work as soon as possible.”

According to Alicia Montalvo, chief negotiator for Spain, – which will take over the EU Presidency on 1 January, – added that  “the European Union is at the forefront of efforts to fight climate change and we are determined to play a leading role in achieving a global, ambitious, comprehensive and binding agreement at the Copenhagen conference. The fruitful technical work done here in Barcelona has given us a stronger basis for progress in Copenhagen.”


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