EU environment ministers meet with an eye on Copenhagen

EU environment ministers will meet in Brussels on Monday, 23 November for an extra Council meeting. The ministers will conduct a final joint review of the positions and strategies just a couple of weeks ahead of the climate conference in Copenhagen in December. Minister for the Environment Andreas Carlgren will head the meeting with his colleagues now and in Copenhagen.

“The EU will work to achieve a result in Copenhagen that is a comprehensive, ambitious and binding agreement, with clear commitments for all the world’s countries. There must also be a clear timetable and guidelines for putting the legally binding regulatory framework in place,” says Mr Carlgren.

In their October meeting, the EU environment ministers established a clear mandate for negotiation that was later confirmed by heads of state and government at the European Council. It contains a 30 per cent emissions reduction as a lever to get others to make sufficient offers, as well as money on the table, both immediately after Copenhagen and in the long term. The EU has also set the long-term goal of reducing emissions by 80–95 per cent by 2050.

“The most important task of the EU now is outreach. The USA and China must put adequate bids on the table. The EU is being proactive and we will continue our leading role. The EU environment ministers are the driving force of the negotiation process. We must be coordinated so we can take up the baton directly from senior officials’ negotiations and complete the task before the heads of state and government arrive in Copenhagen.”


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