So long EU

Bureaucrats win over Democracy

Sorry but I am really and deeply disappointed by the choice. Mr van Rompuy is the perfect representative of Brussel’s bureaucracy and bureaucrats: just what it takes to enlarge the gap between EU and its institutions, on one side, and its citizens.I had been hoping in a sudden turn toward more democracy by the Eu, the appointment of the first President seemed to me like THE chance to to invert the route and retrieve the citizens’ support.

All Eurostat researches, and the decades long trend of EU Parliament elections are clear evidence of the distance between EU and its citizens. A dramatic turn was needed. The appointment of a “son of EU bureaucracy” does but kill even the slightest of hopes.

Frankly speaking, I am not confident in the European Union future, I see in a not distant future the toy breaking apart, with citizens and EU institutions going different way. EURO, political agreements, non-democratic behavior, carelessness of voters’ will (non participating to elections is a clear indication) will but build an unfavorable environment. The example of Soviet Union and its empire should be a clear lesson from the past: no matter what you do, if you do not take people into consideration and dismiss their instances, sooner or later the pressure will grow high enough to sweep you off.


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