“Copenhagen offers a unique opportunity”

“The EU is committed to reaching a global, ambitious and comprehensive agreement in Copenhagen that create the best possible conditions for a long-term cooperative effort,” said Anders Turesson, Swedish Chief climate negotiator in his statement at the opening plenary of the COP15 Summit. “The agreement – he continued – must enable an international effort to keep global warming below 2 degrees and be inclusive by encompassing all nations of the world. The detail must cover all Bali building blocks, the principles of the convention and enable immediate action.”

These two weeks the world’s political, economical and cultural leaders will be spending in Copenhagen are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity “to take a significant leap forward in this fight. Here we can set out a new path towards a greener, more sustainable and more equitable future in which development and emissions of GHGs are decoupled.”

The starting point is the Kyoto Protocol, that is the first condition. the second and most important conditions is that any agreement reached in Copenhagen “should be translated into a universal legally binding agreement”. Not necessarily here in Copenhagen: the Eu leaves open the back door for a delayed agreement not to be forced to call the COP15 appointment in Denmark a failure. But it does not spare harsh words for those who’d like to slow the process, if not drag it to a full stop.

“We all know that delaying action to tackle climate change is not an option. Global emissions must peak no later than 2020 and be at least halved by 2050 compared to 1990 levels. Developed countries must lead and in aggregate cut emission by at least 80-95 percent over that same period and developing countries must contribute according to their responsibilities and respective capabilities.”

“Together we can make Copenhagen a historic breakthrough on our common journey. The world is watching and will not allow a downward spiral in our ambition – this agreement is not about the lowest common denominator but it is about showing leadership and global cooperation to prevent dangerous climate change. The EU will work with purpose, and with an open mind, to make this happen”.


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