AT&T launches the Business Sustainability Advisory Council

It will explore ways information and communications technology can reduce environmental impacts

AT&T announced the launching of the Business Sustainability Advisory Council to build upon research from the Climate Group that found technology can reduce up to five times the greenhouse gas emissions that are produced by the ICT sector, or up to 15 percent of global annual emissions by 2020.

AT&T has brought together a blend of public and private interests for the council, including the Carbon Disclosure Project, Cisco Systems, The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, the University of Colorado-Denver, and the University of Texas at Austin. In the near future, it expects to add more member organizations as it works to advance measurement, methodologies and case studies to help businesses assess the positive environmental impact from ICT.

“In forming this council, we’ve taken an important step in helping companies realize the benefit of responsible action that, in parallel, can have compelling business benefits,” said Ron Spears, President and Chief Executive Officer, AT&T Business Solutions. “AT&T is looking forward to working with the council as it helps us develop measurement methodologies to communicate the environmental benefits of ICT products and services to customers.”

Last week AT&T had announced the creation of a new post to oversee the company’s energy use.  The company’s goal is to reduce its electricity intensity by 15 percent, relative to data growth on its network.

AT&T also established an energy council of key company executives to promote AT&T’s energy strategy and identify efficiency opportunities.

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