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Italian-Turkish joint venture for the Mediterranean largest PV plant

Turkey’s Anel Group and Italy’s Enerqos spa have signed an agreement for a joint venture to build an EU commission funded 1.3 MW photovoltaic (PV) plant in the Turkish part of Cyprus.

The plant will represent the first PV installation in Cyprus and the biggest in the whole Mediterranean area. Funding will come from the EU Commission. Construction works will start in January 2010. Once completed, it will produce 2 GWh of clean energy annually and contribute to eliminate the power cuts experienced on the island during the Summer, due to over demand for energy, mostly from the tourist industry.

The solar system will be donated to Kb-tek (Cyprus Turkish Electric Corporation) .

“This initiative represents a further step of our international growth process” declared Mauro Marcucci, CEO of Enerqos spa, “We are glad to enhance our presence in the Mediterranean area, the most promising area for solar industry, with a strong and reliable partner such as Anel Group”.

“This plant is the expression of the great potential of the Mediterranean region in the renewable sector” explained Ender Olak, vice chairman of Anel Group. “We are convinced that Turkey, together with Greece and the whole Mediterranean area, will shortly become the new leaders in the solar energy field. This first project will lead to many other interesting activities in joint-venture with Enerqos spa in the very next months”.


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