New Eu Agency to enforce control on waste management

A new European Union agency could be created to enforce and implement EU waste control legislation. That is the proposal of a new European Commission report, which says the standard of waste disposal in some EU countries remains low.

An EC spokesman said: “Illegal dumping of waste continues on a significant scale, many landfill sites are sub standard.” He noted that in some EU countries “basic waste infrastructure is still missing”.

Outgoing EU environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas said: ‘Compliance with EU legislation is essential if we are to achieve the overarching goal of EU waste legislation, which is to protect the health of European citizens and the environment.” He said the Commission, which he leaves on February 9, should “look at all the options, including setting up an EU agency or body which could enable EU legislation…”

His country Greece has been one of the worst offenders in flouting EU waste laws, being taken to the European Court of Justice over the issue. And the report said across Europe, waste management problems have grown in recent years with the EU taking in 10 new members in 2004 and three in 2007: this has sparked increases waste trafficked across the union’s open borders

An agency would review waste legislation enforcement in member states, coordinating controls and inspections. It would work with a special EU body staging direct inspections and controls of waste facilities “in serious cases of non-compliance”. It would work with national waste management bodies from the 27 member states.


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