Tracking special waste on the net

The Italian Ministry of Environment and Land and Sea Protection has launched a new system to monitor the transportation and management of special waste.

The SISTRI – as the system has been named – waste traceability control system allows, following the entire life-cycle of special waste from production to disposal, via an electronic system managed by the police environmental department and connected with the national registry of environmental authorities, the provision through the Ministry of Environment of data on waste transportation. At the same time ISPRA, the Superior Institute for Environmental Protection and Research, provides data on waste production and management.

To allow transparency in the waste transportation phase, the system has been connected with the national rail and cost guard information systems and monitored by a designated committee.

Some regions in Italy offer a great number of problems and issues in dealing with special waste – and waste in general. In these problematic realities all entities dealing with waste management have the obligation to become registered members of SISTRI which interoperates with SITRA, a system monitoring the urban waste traceability. This pilot project will be extended, during a second phase, to other regions of Italy with the goal to cover all typologies of waste within the national territory.

SISTRI has been launched in the context of a national strategy aiming at increasing the public administration’s efficiency by speeding-up the procedures and reducing at the same time costs and burdens.


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