Businesses vs Countries, a dangerous dicotomy

Globalization is good for the enterprises and for the business in general (but not for all of them), but it definitely represents a danger and a harm for Countries and their peoples.

That’s what many of the most important CEO attending the workshop The European House-Ambrosetti, at Villa d’Este in Italy, surprisingly declared during a break of the first session of works.

Forefront managers like Italians Umberto Quadrone, General manager for Edison, one of the leading energy-related industries in Europe, showed unconfident in the globalization process, bound – according to them – to promote a division between Countries and businesses. Giacomo Vaciago, professor at Cattolica University in Milan, said that ” a good enterprise makes profits even when its own country is doing bad, just because delocalization allows it to go for profits wherever they are. this does not mean, though, the Country is going to benefit from these profits”.

“20 years ago, an enterprise was its own country, today that is no longer true”, and this dicotomy represents a danger for future relationships between Countries and enterprises.


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