Nuclear stress tests, “No Pr exercise”

“Nuclear plants failing to pass the EU’s stress test criteria should face closure if the issues raised cannot be remedied”.

Lena Ek, Swedish MEP for the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) and also a member of the Industry Committee in the European Parliament, commented this way today’s  publication, by EU Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger, of a comprehensive set of test criteria for nuclear plants within the EU. Mr. Oettinger’s plan includes such risks as natural disasters, technological failures and human errors. Oddly enough, terrorist attacks are not part of the plan.Reason for this exclusion? They fall under the remit of national security services.

Ms Ek also pled for no repetition of the  mistakes of last year’s banking stress tests. “We do not need another pointless PR exercise”, she said.

“It is vital that nuclear facilities across Europe are both safe and seen to be safe. It is indeed important to not only test the technology and geography, but also the entire safety culture and the preparedness to respond to multi-faceted disaster scenarios.”

“We must make sure that all tests are conducted in a thorough, transparent and comprehensive manner and will have real consequences.”

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