A place for choco-lovers

Caslano. A small town, little more than a village, on the quiet, love-filled shores of Lake Lugano. A place where swans and ducks come and eat from your fingers, and the narrow streets of the old part of town are so small only city cars can actually fit in, and sometimes not even them.

A walk along Caslano’s lake shores, enjoying the peaceful and rhythmic splashing of the waves, the whispering of winds in the trees, is just ike taking a yoga lesson: your heart beats lighter, your mind feels cleaner, your soul at peace…A perfect site for a quite afternoon, or a loveful night dining at the lakeshore restaurant, with a moonlight passeggiata (small walk) after dinner.

There is something more in this place, though, that makes Caslano a place worth a visit if you happen to be in the Lugano area: a chocolate factory.

Switzerland is well known the world over as the country of cocoa and chocolate. Its chocolatiers have developed a mastership in chocolate making that has made them famous and highly requested, unrivaled yet.

Chocolat Alprose has made chocolate in all sort of shapes and flavors for years and years: bars, nuggets, biscuits, full cocoa chocolate, milk chocolate, spice-flavored chocolate, fruits flavored. It is also open to visitors with its Schokoland Museum. Visitors follow a catwalk to see the different steps of chocolate making: you are guided to discover how the different dry and liquid ingredients of a piece of chocolate are mixed and poured into their final shape, and then packaged for easier distribution. Veiled in delicious scents, you follow the whole process from seed to bars, learning the role and meaning of cocoa in its lands of origins till it was eventually brought to Europe and how it grew to be one of our world’s most desired food and beverage.

It’s not simple didactics: Schokoland also highlights the tradition of Swiss chocolate makers, whose excellency is known the world over.

After you have spent an hour or so watching chocolate making, your nostrils titillated by the thousands scents of chocolate bars, nuggets, sweets and more, you desperately need a piece of chocolate whatsoever to save your life! To your rescue there comes the final step pf our visit, the shop, where you can taste the rich variety of Alprose production just as you like. From the traditional chocolate bars to the most delicious confectioneries. You can buy specialties and delicatessen in all shapes, savour them or make them the nicest present for relatives and friends.

How to reach Caslano and Chocolat Alprose

Caslano is on the Lugano-Ponte Tresa Cantonale (Regional road), just a few minutes’ drive from Lugano. If you come from the N2 highway, you can take either the Lugano North or Lugano South exits and follow indication for Ponte Tresa.

The Chocolat Alprose factory is on Via Rampada 36. For informations you can call +41 91 611 8856 or write to museum@alprose.ch.



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