Kyoto Protocol, EU: new compromise offer

Extend the life of the Kyoto Protocol until 2018 and leverage on the six years time gained to build a brand new global pact thought to substitute the current agreement. This is the goal European Union diplomats are working on, with their compromise package of proposals designed to end the deadlock between developing and industrialised nations over the future of the Kyoto Protocol.

The initiative does not have any formal recognition by Eu authorities, but it is something that has gained groud and appeal over the past few months, with parties at a standstill. The compromise agreement outlined in this EU plan would allow countries to break this inertia and relaunch the debate about the future of the climate change politics.

European environment ministers are expected to examine the new plan when they meet in October to finalise the EU’s formal negotiating period ahead of the next UN climate summit in Durban at the end of the year, where the future of the Kyoto Protocol is expected to again prove one of the most contentious elements

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