Fukushima, levels of cesium sharply down

Levels of cesium into the contaminated water at the Fukushima nuclear power plants are down by more than 40 percent, nuclear tech company Kurion says.

The Silicon Valey start up is one of the many nuclear tech companies at work in Japan tto clean up the tens of millions of gallons of contaminated water. A three-year-old start up company, Kurion makes a cleanup material (they call it ion specific media) that soaks up radioactive cesium and iodine in contaminated water and contains the waste by shrinking it down to a small-enough size, then turning it into glass.

It’s a process called vitrification, actually the standard way to cleanup cesium and iodine in nuclear-contaminated water. The innovation, in Kurion’s own vitrification process, is it is cheaper, faster and more efficient. At least, that’s what the start up management claims.

Standard vitrification, indeed, requires the contaminated materials to be moved to a centralized plant: Kurion’s process brings the technology to the contaminated materials, therefore cutting overall costs a great deal.


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