Duke Energy will teach Nuclear to Chinese operators

Duke Energy will assist China in preparing the technical workforce needed for their expanding nuclear industry.


The first group of Chinese nuclear plant operators is already at the Oconee Nuclear Station, in Seneca, SC, one of the Duke Energy plants to host workers from China after the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed back in 2009.


The agreement marked the importance of continuous learning and regular benchmarking, hallmarks of the nuclear power industry, and is a clear sign the learning culture extends far beyond our national borders.


Duke Energy will host Chinese nuclear operators at its three nuclear energy facilities —Catawba, Oconee and McGuire. The workers come from China’s Huaneng Group.

The knowledge the Chinese operators will learn at the Duke Energy’s plants will then be taken back to China, where the Huaneng visitors will eventually work in one of their company’s new nuclear power plants.

The Oconee Nuclear Station was built in the late 1960s and early 1970s, but the Chinese know they can still learn from Duke Energy’s experience.

The employees are also interested in the organization of the company’s work groups and best-practices in management styles at all three sites.

The learning is not one way, though: Duke Energy’s nuclear power plants will gain knowledge from the experience, as well.


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  1. Given the large investment in nuclear reactors being made by the Chinese it’s always good to know that workers are going to recieve world class training – particularly when (as I do) you live very near to one of those reactors…

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