Germany longing for energy, Prague investing in the nuclear field

As the Germans turns green, countries around them are making nuclear plans to take advantage of the Germans’ difficulties.

After Berlin’s decision to close all their nuclear plants by 2022, France had announced new investments in the country’s nuclear energy sector. Now, it’s the Czech Republic turn to say theu are going to invest in a brand new string of nuclear plants.

The decision has been taken in order to meet the country’s energy requirements by the year 2060, Martin Kocourek, minister of industry and trade minister told the journalists in Prague. The draft plan outlined by the ministry takes into consideration a potential future scenario for nuclear that could see demand forcing a rise in installed capacity to 18.69 GW by 2060 from the current level of 3.78 GW.

Truth is, the country wants to take advantage of Angela Merkel’s government decision to force Germany out of the nuclear field. A decision they cannot overturn at least not for the time being: surely not before next political elections, only chance for pro-nuclears to call for the end of the current political alliance, with the Greens holding a deep and hard grip on Angela Merkel.

Meanwhile, with some of its nuclear plants already shutdown, Germany has to face the threats of energy blackouts next Winter, and even more in the years to come, and of much higher energy bills: a scenario that might bear a very high cost for the country, both politically and economically.

The only way to avoid a crisis is to buy cheap nuclear energy from other countries: that’s where the Czech Republic decision to enhance its nuclear plants string comes from.







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