Unexplained wealth targeted by Europol

The struggle against organized crime at the international level passes through enforcement of current laws and judicial authorities and the detailed examination of the luxury lifestyles of criminals, believed to be a strong indicator for criminal activity in many cases. This struggle is led by a pan-European program named CARIN, (the Camden Asset Recovery Interagency Network)

“Targeting Unexplained Wealth” was the focus for the 100 CARIN experts attending the organization’s annual meeting in Sofia. Their combined aim is to increase the effectiveness of asset recovery as an important tool to fight crime. Among other issues they discussed judicial strategies and how to improve international cooperation.

Europol’s Criminal Asset Bureau is currently active in its efforts to promote the identification and confiscation of criminal proceeds as an integral part of mainstream policing in the EU. Holding the Secretariat of CARIN remains high on the list of Europol priorities, utilising the experts within this network to ensure that all ongoing investigations supported by Europol have an asset identification component.

CARIN is a network of judicial and law enforcement expert practitioners in the field of asset identification, seizure and confiscation. There are currently 49 countries and jurisdictions and 9 international organisations that are members of the network. All EU countries are represented in CARIN, together with non-EU jurisdictions such as the United States of America, South Africa, Australia, Canada, Switzerland and Russia. Europol, Eurojust, OLAF, the UNODC, and the International Criminal Court are also CARIN Members. CARIN is now recognised globally as an effective tool for fighting international crime.


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