Germany Makes a Move in the Smart Mind Global War

A country’s social and economical development depends by large on its capacity to keep its most brilliant minds at home and attract others from outside its borders. It is the globalization of brains and minds.

Researchers in all disciplines need find a comfortable environment for their work and studies, and that means labs with enough resources to help them in their researches, industries with the money it takes to invest in their work and in he industrializtion of their results and findings.

Germany has made another move toward further enhancement and promotion of early-career researchers. The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) has approved the establishment of 16 new Research Training Groups, bound to enable doctoral researchers to complete their training at a high, specialised level within a structured research and qualification programme.

The decision is not German-only: globalization and internationalization of Science means that no country can do it on its own, collaboration with like-minded partner countries is a must, maybe for one project only. Four of the new units are International Research Training Groups that cooperate closely with universities in Canada, the USA and Austria. Internationality increases the attractiveness of completing a doctorate within the scope of a Research Training Group. In addition, interdisciplinarity promotes cross-border cooperation with universities and other research institutions. Diverse types and forms of cooperation also contribute towards the structural development of the programme.

The DFG will provide approximately 50 million euros during the initial 4.5-year funding period, including a programme allowance for indirect project costs. In addition to establishing the 16 new collaborations, the Grants Committee also approved the continuation of one International Research Training Group. The DFG currently funds 199 Research Training Groups, 45 of which are international.


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