Same-day airplane tickets for Euro 2012 with Ryanair

Same-day return tickets for the Irish team’s Euro 2012 competition are being offered by Ryanair to help soccer fans enjoy their team’s matches live, from the stadiums in Gdansk and Poznan where Ireland is set to play.

Ryanair’s same-day Euro 2012 specials (which must be booked as a return package) come at €398 each. They are thought to allow football fans to support the boys in green without having to fork out on high priced hotels, restaurants and travel packages or take a week off work just to support the Irish in Poland.

Ireland is set to play Croatia (10th June), Spain (14th June) and Italy (18th June). Ryanair’s same-day soccer flights will depart Dublin mid-morning for Poznan on 10th (Croatia match) and 18th June (Italy match) and for Gdansk on 14th June (Spain match). Return flights will depart for Dublin, at approx 2am local time, just three hours after each match ends.

These same day return flights are ideal for the three matches as the stadium in Poznan is just 5km from the airport and in Gdansk it is less than 20km from the airport.


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