oneworld enlarges its choice of languages

No doubt China is growing more and more important. The world’s most populated country has been climbing the ranks as for economical, social, political development for years and years. now. And as its GNP grwos, so does the quantity of money Chinese have in their bank accounts and wallets. And they definitely look for ways to enjoy their new wealth. Traveling is one of these.

oneworld, the world’s premier airliane alliance, could but take it into consideration and apply it into its website. is now available in Simplified Chinese, with the new language choice added as part of a major overhaul to make the global airline alliance’s website even more customer-friendly and to take advantage of latest technology. The addition of the Simplified Chinese version means is now available in eight languages – with the established English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish.

That is not the only change to oneworld internet pages. The overall aim has been to make the site more appealing for today’s international travellers, with less text and more pictures and with the most frequently sought content more readily available.

Navigation has been simplified, a Google search capability included and displays of member airlines’ flight schedules improved with more prominent links to each carriers’ bookings sites. All the most popular content is still there – its interactive network map, oneworld Explorer online booking facility, downloadable timetables, details of the alliance’s services for frequent flyers, guides to key airports and cities, downloadable screensaver and more – but all refreshed to make them easier to use.


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