Holidaysplease Gives Google Glass to Customers

First in the world to offer their customers a pair of the innovative Google Glass glasses

Holidaysplease has bought a number of pairs of glasses and will be offering them to a selection of customers who have reward points with this holiday company, renowned for their excellent customer services, ranked number 1 in the UK.

Customer will be free to use the glasses as much as possible during their holiday. Pictures and videos taken with Google Glasses wil then be posted on the Holidaysplease website.

Free to use them, but with some rules. Fairness, politeness, ethics, responsibility: that’s what Holidaysplease are asking their customers when using the glasses. A set of rules everyone can agree on:
no nudity or content of sexual nature whatsoever;
no violence or other content likely to offend;
respect for people’s privacy, which means no filming people when situations are such as to make them readily identifiable, unless with their explicit permission;
no filming in situations and places where people will not want to be filmed: examples of such places are beaches, pools, spas, all places pf relatively undress situations, and other private areas such as toilets.

One last rule, is that customers keep the glasses safe at all times and have travel insurance to cover any loss or damage.

Holidaysplease aims at offering their customers a chance to experience Google Glasses, their reality-enhancement capabilities and features. “A remendous addition to your holiday experience”, as Chalers Duncombe, Holidaysplease’s marketing director, said. “You will be able to take photos/videos and even get live information on flight times, currency information, directions and translation services. I might even be able to use the glasses to sound like a local when travelling abroad.”

Born in 2002, Holidaysplease was a joint venture between the owner of a high street travel agency with 20 years’ experience and an internet entrepreneur. Over the past twelve years it has grown steadily, and from just three people working art time it can now count on almost 50!

They can combine the expertise and personal service of the high street with the convenience of the internet. This means Holidaysplease can pass on to their customers more of the savings allowed by a flexible, low-cost and swift organization.

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