Berlin: vibrant and turbulent, ever changing.

Hardly any other city has experienced such a turbulent history, hardly any other city has changed so quickly, and hardly any other city reinvents itself so frequently as Berlin. More than 25 years after the fall of the Wall, the German capital city has undergone one more radical innovation. And who knows what else lies around the corner for this turbulent yet vibrant, ever changing city?

2012_Oberbaumbruecke_001_FrankHerrmann_LBerlin fascinates its visitors with historical sites, exciting trends, high culture, subcultures and a one-of-a-kind lifestyle. This is the one place in Europe where the future and the past come together. The visitor can walk about its streets and squares, its alleys, and see the signs of history mixed with those of a yet-to-come-true future.

One of the main characters of this vibrant city is its urban lifestyle. Indeed, the German capital city offers unique open spaces where Berliners and visitors alike are invited to be creative. Whether urban gardening at the former Tempelhof airport, creations of new food at the street food markets or stand-up paddleboarding on the River Spree, Berlin fascinates with its unique urban lifestyle. And for those of you who are shopping addicted…Shop till you drop is the message Berlin has for you! From luxury department stores to trendy boutiques, Berlin offers an exceptional variety of shopping at large shopping centres, flea markets, smaller shops and exclusive boutiques. When the latest trends are shown during the twice-annual Fashion Week, the fashion world looks to Berlin. Fashion shows, exhibitions and numerous events attract designers, critics and fashion fans to the fashion capital. All in the name of creativity, fantasy, exploration of new limits.

Berlinische Galerie1_Bilder_Angela Bulloch_Foto_Philip Koschel_fuer Galerie Weekend nutzenWith such a strong stress on creativity, needless to say culture is another strongpoint of this city. Berlin’s cultural and arts scene continues to set new standards and today represents one of the richest cultural landscapes in Europe, with countless new exhibitions in its more than 180 museums and collections, over 400 art galleries, three opera houses, eight major symphony orchestras, many unusual venues, some 100 cinemas and 150 stages. Around 1,500 events, from high culture to subculture, are offered every day, to answer the most varied cultural demands.

In recent years, Berlin has become an important location for film productions. Major directors and internationally renowned stars make films here. In 2014 alone, four major international productions that were filmed at the Babelsberg film studios outside Berlin were released in cinemas: George Clooney’s “The Monuments Men”, “The Book Thief” with Geoffrey Rush, the German-French coproduction “La Belle et la Bête” and “The Grand Budapest Hotel” by Wes Anderson. A Paradise for travellers aiming at visiting the places their favorite movies were filmed!

_MG_3283A.jpgBerlin is proud of its nightlife, and rightly so. Even if the partygoers of the early nineties, who enjoyed dancing in factory buildings and old subway shafts, have since grown tired. Nowadays, the new scene continues to run through Mitte, Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg and the old West from one opening to the next, always searching for new trends and the next location. Berlin is bubbling with activity, and you don’t want to miss it for sure!

Art, culture, cinema, entertainment: next come industry, research and science. Berlin and its metropolitan region provide top conditions for trends and innovations. Indeed, the city is one of the biggest research centres in Europe, with some 300 universities and institutes promoting the networking of research and academics. Did you know, that Berlin is Siemens’ largest manufacturing site in the world? Innovative products for the global markets of the future are being created in Berlin. The city – and its people, too – has embraced the pioneering spirit and has become an experimental center for new ideas. Free spaces are being used as new options for social involvement, sustainable consumption and forward-looking forms of urban living. This is where a constant stream of new, pioneering trends, such as upcycling, sharing boxes and co-working, are getting their start.

Berlin is one of Europe’s most important sites for start-ups and a laboratory for the city of tomorrow. This is where the IT trends of the future get their start. Young, highly qualified entrepreneurs are drawn to the German capital as a great place to start their own business. Berlin offers the perfect conditions: a relatively low cost of living, excellent infrastructure and a cosmopolitan atmosphere that enables the modern lifestyle that so many creative types embrace.

After a visit to a museum, or a research center, or just to enjoy a relaxful atmosphere, nothing is better than a walk through Berlin’s gardens, historic parks and creative green spaces. Its true colours may as well be green and blue: the city is an exceptionally green meeting place for day-trippers and hobby gardeners, but the Spree and the city’s canals are also among the highlights of Berlin. Hundreds of thousands of tourists each year enjoy boat tours on Berlin’s waterways.

As for food, Berlin is much more than just Currywurst and Eisbein. In recent years, the German capital has developed into a meeting place for innovative and ambitious chefs. Those who enjoy good food have a wide selection to choose from in Berlin: there are eight restaurants that have each been awarded a star by the Michelin guide for their extraordinary cuisine. And five Berlin restaurants have even received two stars. Berlin’s food scene was somewhat of a latecomer, but it has certainly made up for lost time.

Are you afraid a dive into such a 360° heaven might impact your bank account? Do not be afraid: Berlin can actually be surprisingly inexpensive—that’s what people say about Berlin. Compared to other world-class cities, the German capital is known as a hip destination that offers great value for the money. And visitors don’t necessarily need to dig deep into their pockets to have a rich variety of experiences across the city. It’s the unanimous conclusion of many globetrotters, school classes and weekend visitors: going to Berlin and joining in the fun doesn’t have to cost the world, but the memories will definitely be priceless!


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