A bird-eye view of Lake Como, with Yann Arthus-Bertrand

“I was fascinated by the grid of streets and alleys of the Walled City. What most of all it made me fall in love, is its lack of modernity: Como is beautiful for that, and so must remain. Because that’s the way visitors imagine it. “

A standstill image of the video shot by Yann arthus-Bertrand about Como and its lake.
A standstill image of the video shot by Yann arthus-Bertrand about Como and its lake.

It is with these words that Yann Arthus-Bertrand wanted to describe the film that he shot in mid-May, and that was shown in its world premiere a couple of weeks ago at the Teatro Sociale, in Como. A film that has as its subject only Como, its lake, its valleys, its people. A place the famous French photographer knows very well, because his family is originally from Cadegliano, near Ponte Tresa, only a handful of kilometers west of Como, on another lake, Lugano. Commonality of the territory, also commonality of culture: “A family of silk weavers,” he recalls.

Maybe that’s why even Yann loves the water and all that is near water. “As your city,” he says. And speaking of Como, a spear tip for visitors and tourists, saying that “if you really want to know, and know well its lake, its territory, take the boat. It is only from the lake that you can have a true vision of this. ”

What did strike you the most of Como and Lake Como? “Everything,” his response. “The city, the lake, its villages. And then, the mountain villages. I was struck by the contrast between the hard life of those who lived in those villages and the easy one of the rich people in the city. ”

It is famous throughout the world, the French photographer, for aerial and naturalistic reportage and for his passion and sensitivity to the natural environment, “but I wanted to tackle the task of continuing their lake with great humility and modesty, and so It must be seen as a tribute to the grand beauty and charm of the lake. “


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