Stuttgart and Baden-Wuerttemberg: top destination in wine-and-beer feasting Germany


Copyright Tourismus Events Ludwigsburg
Doamine Monrepos                                       Copyright Tourismus Events Ludwigsburg

A top destination in Germany for lovers of good food, good wine and good cuisine, the southwest Land of Baden-Württemberg offers visitors endless possibilities for savour-full trip.

Whether it’s a glass of wine and a beer mug, Stuttgart – the vibrant and cosmopolitan capital of the state – is always one step ahead, boasting an area rich in wine tradition – several awards and national and international recognition show up on a virtual “Hall of Fame” wall -, as well in beer excellence.

To recount the long history of wine-making tradition of Stuttgart and its wines, there is the “Museum of Viticulture”, housed in the basement of the social Uhlbach district, at the foot of the hill of Württemberg, whose vineyards have been cultivated for centuries, ever since Roman times.. In addition to retrace the past of the local wine culture, the museum offers the opportunity to wrap up the visit with a pleasant wine tasting in its new wine bar. It goes without saying that the year in the city and region is marked by numerous parties in the name of Bacchus, the first and most famous being the Stuttgarter Weindorf.

Weinkeller Torbogen
Weinkeller Torbogen

The largest wine festival in Germany, this year the Stuttgarter Weindorf will be staged from 26 August to 6 September in the very heart of the city. More than 500 different products of Baden and Württemberg are shown and offered for tastings in the classic quartini Swabians with a handle, so-called “Viertele” or bottle. Local Swabian specialties like Kässpätzle (flour dumplings with cheese), Maultaschen (panzerotti DOP), Schupfnudeln (dumplings with cabbage) and other delicacies are there to make for an adequate pairing with wine.

Celebrations and feastings will return later in Fall, with the Wasen “Cannstatter Volksfest”. Second largest beer festival in Germany, it is scheduled from 25 September to 11 October 2015. This year it will be its 170th edition: a long history indeed! It promises again 17 days of celebrations in a vibrant, genuine atmosphere. At the center of Wasen towers the greasy pole – historical symbol of the festival created to celebrate a good harvest – around which the last Friday in September after the traditional tapping of the first keg, opening its doors over 300 attractions including beer tents, stalls and rides.


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