Promoting Greece, a matter of the heart

mouzenidis“Promoting Greece is a love business. It’s not just a job, though rewarding as it is, but a matter of the heart: we love Greece, we love the Greek people, and we love to show the world, and to bring people here and see what it is to be Greeks”.

I am taking a short break from telling about my stay in Thessaloniki because I really think there is something worth the divertion. When I was introduced to Mouzenidis, I confess, I was a bit on the defensive: in those few minutes I spent talinking with Roman Sarbash, manager of the sales department at Mouzedinis Group, I did change my idea 180º.

Mouzenidis Group is a young company in Greece active on the tourist market. Well, there are so many, just another tourist company, I hear you say. Not quite that way, let me tell you. First of all, as Mr. Sarbash said, it’s not just a business, for him and for his fellow colleagues, it’s a matter of the heart. Second, Mouzenidis has taken on the business of moving people (and goods, as well) around Greece and the world very seriously and with a question in mind: what do tourists. travellers want, what are they longing for, when choosing a destination, making a plan, scheduling their trips and their visits? The answer cannot be just an airplane or a ferryboat, a hotel or a camping site, a rented car or a train ticket. You cannot just divide the world of travellers – for leisure or business or whatever reason – into low cost or luxury, family or business: the answer must be much broader, and include everything and anything people travelling might be looking for.

A meeting with Roman Sarbash is a good chance to know what his company can propose, but also to understand the new dimension tourism is taking in Greece. A new kind of business model that goes well past the traditional agencies and operators, and brings personalized, web-based services even to groups. The several services Mouzenidis offers, indeed, can be accessed from anywhere with no problem. “We have a webpage in several languages, English and Russian included. Our services can be known and bought here, directly, or at any travel agency”.

Mouzenidis offers several services, some are more traditional, like hotel management or car rental, others more peculiar. These go from real estate development – “And that includes everything from building to managing a resort”, says Mr Sarbash – to safety and security of their guests, as groups, as families, or as indipendent travellers. They can provide security services for special needs, too: a category of people that span from businessmen to Hollywood stars to politicians, to anybody who has the need to be protected because of their position.

Health is a key factor when travelling. We all know, and may have experienced it, how important it is to feel good and have no physical impairments while visiting a country, a city, a territory. And how better we might feel if we do know we can rely on a good health service. At Mouzenidis they offer an health insurance service of their own, in order to ensure your vacation to Greece, however long, from just a hit-and-go to a longer stay, maybe weeks or even months, is cleared off of every cloud in terms of health.

Families are in their mind, too. “We have got offers and services for families and their children, and for families on the way”, he says. Services that go from special care for younger kids, even very young, travelling with their parents, to children’s camps, to wedding ceremonies for those who want to share promises of eternal love in the homeland of Venus.

Greece is a matter of the heart, we said. But souls should not be forgotten. And Greece has a long tradition in caring for the souls. Spirituality is important. The country is home to some of the world’s most important monasteries. “We have a special offer for those looking for a spiritual trip. A period, longer or shorter, of retreat within religion and spirituality”. Like a whole week on Mount Athos, in one of the many monasteries in the area, looking for the well being of one’s soul and heart.

Because promoting Greece is a matter of the heart, but business is business.


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