There was a time

immagineThere was a time – and I am not talking of ages ago, I’m talking 2001 till 2013 – when people gathered and protested, and more often than not went even further to riots and violence, against the excess of globalization and economical policies based on exploitation of the poor, empoverishment of whole countries, deprivation of already poor communities, privatization of common properties and estates and assets, speculations by wall street sharks – there has been a film about them, too – against countries. Things like these. It was the time of Genoa 2001, Calgary 2002, all the way to Toronto 2010 and London 2013. It was the time of Occupy Wall Street, and all those things. There was a time.

Now, those very crowds that used to march on the name of freedom, of equal rights, against speculation ad greed, do march and protest, and explode into riots and violences, on the name of those very speculators and sharks.

2016 has two clear samples of such 180° revolution. The first is anti-Brexit movements in the UK. Despite a popular vote in favor of the LEAVE proposal, there have been actions against the decision taken in full democratic mood. They call for a refusal of what the popular vote decreed, they want the Government, the Parliament, the judiciary, to find a way to act as if the referendum never was.

US Presidential elections. Trump won. Many, too many, Hillary Clinton’s supporters refuse to accept the vote. They ignite protests and riots. They have no actual base for they actions, there has been no frauds in the voting, at least none has come to surface as of now. Yet, they protest, they refuse the outcome of the ballots. I do understand their disappointment, but that is no justification to refusing a vote in full democracy.

Anti-Brexit protesters want the UK to STAY in the EU, but the EU is a bunch of exploiters, thiefs and sharks: Brussels’ economical politics over the decades has impoverished Europeans by the tens of millions. Not thousands, millions. In countries like Italy 20 per cent of the population is roughly above the poverty lines, and 12% already below. Let alone Greece, Portugal, and former Soviet-bloc countries like Bulgaria and Romania. Wealth is as concentrated in the hands of the very few as never before in history, while new forms of slavery – under the name of smart work – have been introduced in society.

Hillary Clinton is the American version of Middle East dictators and tyrans. Corrupted and fond of war. A 100 per cent warlord. With her at the White House, the world would have been faced by the ghost of war. Something people in the USA do not understand, most likely. For violence and war would have taken place in the Mediterranean and European areas. To us this side of the Atlantic, Hillary’s defeat is like winning the lottery: we can hope in the end of conflicts with Russia, an easing of the climate in terms of relationships with Moscow. We can hope in a call-out ot the TTIP treaty, a damn bad spell that would have meant the end of farming in Europe and was strongly supported by the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton. And many more things. Like an end to Neonazi regime in Germany, next Spring!

Marching against Brexit and Trump puts all of this into danger. And threatens to let the forces of war, extreme globalization, brutal economical policies, back into power. There was a time when protests were against powers!

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