The world’s sweetest tour

IMG_8483Around the globe following the sweet scents and aromas of chocolate, from Europe to Asia, from London to Tokyo, passing through Paris and Milan, Moscow and Beirut, Dubai and Osaka. It’s the Salon du Chocolat, the world’s leading event for maitres chocolatiers, maitres patissiers, but above all a must for all chocolovers and chocoaddicts.

It all started in Paris, 22 years ago, when two passionate entrepreneurs cut the ribbon of the very first Salon du Chocolat. It was a dream come true, and such a foolish idea to everyone’s concern! was born. Now, 22 years on, the show is a resounding success both in France and around the world, helping to promote knowledge of and expertise in chocolate, from the bean to the bar, from producing countries to consumers.

IMG_8490This year’s Salon du Chocolat will start its world tour from London. It will be the prestigious Olympia National Hall to open the 2017-2018 season, from the 13th of october all through the 15th. Three days all chocoaddicts in London and the British isles, and of course all those who will have the venture to be in the UK those days, to taste the finest chocolate, attend the shows by the best maitres chocolatiers, have a chance to deepen their knowledge of what the Mayas, called Food of the Gods. Plus a number of more mundane events, like Chocolate and Fashion, where beautiful models wear beautiful dresses born out of the creativity of the best fashion designers.

After London, it will be Paris (October 28-November 1) then Lyon (Nov. 10-12). Salon du Chocolat will then jump way south and east, for a double event: Beirut, in Lebanon, Nov. 16-18, and Moscow, Nov. 17-18.

IMG_9921It will be Milan to hold the stage and the lights during one of the most important dates for chocolovers: Valentine’s Day. Four days – Feb. 8-11 – dedicated to lovers of both chocolate, and love itself. One more leg in Brussels – Belgium is home to some of the finest producers! – before jumping to Japan. When scheduling your flights, though, make sure to plan a stop in Dubai, to take advantage of Boutique le Chocolat, the permanent chocoshop in the little emirate.

Tokyo, Sendai, Sapporo, Kyoto, Fukuoka, Nagoya, Osaka: the country of the Rising Sun loves chocolate, and the Salon du Chocolat dedicates to it several events.

Over all, in these twenty two years Salon du Chocolat has had some 9.5 million visitors: we can reasonably expect visitor number 10 million will come in early this season!




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