Color-perfect, beautiful and environment-friendly: the new tablet by BASF

Distinctive coloring, robust and rapidly soluble: a new BASF tablet coating system enables individual, on-site production of tablet coatings in countless shades from only seven basic colors. A combination of the tried and tested water-soluble BASF IR film former Kollicoat® with a new production process and novel color concept makes tablet coating production more efficient.basf tablet

Its excellent processing properties are what make the polymer so special: Kollicoat IR has low viscosity and allows a shorter spray process because it can accommodate high concentrations of solids. As a result, pharmaceutical manufacturers cut their energy bills and spare the environment by reducing CO2 emissions in the production process. Other benefits: the granules are dust-free and have excellent flowability, which greatly simplifies handling during the production process. The BASF coating system module consists of just seven basic colors which are combined to produce the desired color. Hence, tablet manufacturers can optimize their inventories and the supply chain benefits from less complexity.




Kollicoat IR is a graft copolymer composed of polyethylene glycol and polyvinyl alcohol. It is extremely flexible and does not require additional plasticizer. The polymer dissolves rapidly in the stomach, resulting in prompt release of the active substance and rapid onset of action after the tablet is swallowed.




Since elderly people in particular may have difficulty telling tablets apart, more and more pharmaceutical manufacturers are starting to package active substances in colored tablets. A striking color supports and enhances treatment compliance and also prevents mix-ups during tablet production.


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